Introduction To Audio Mixers

download (36)An audio mixer is a very significant electronic device also known under the names of a mixing desk, mixing console, audio production system or a mixer. The device is used mainly for the objective of mixing, routing, and changing the tone, level or characteristics of audio signals. Based on the type, the gadget can be utilized for the objective of mixing digital or analog signals. The modified signals are added for creating the combined output signals.

As far as the uses of the audio mixers are concerned, the gadgets are used in many fields nowadays. Starting from the transmitting, television, audio reinforcement techniques, public address techniques, documenting companies, and film post-production, the gadgets are used in a variety of settings. Moreover, the gadgets are also used for live activities. In situation of live events, the signal generated by the mixer is sent directly to an amplifier. The structure of an audio mixer is also simple. It mainly consists of three segments, channel inputs, master controls and audio level meeting. The channel input strips are basically a group of the same stereo input or monaural channels. The expert control section has sub-group faders, master faders, auxiliary return level controls, a stage talk-back mic management, master auxiliary mixing bus level controls, solo monitoring controls, muting controls and an output matrix mixer. In the case of smaller mixers, you will discover the inputs on the left of the mixing panel and the expert controls on the right of the mixing panel. On the other hand, you will discover the expert controls in the center with information on both sides in case of larger mixers. The audio level meters might be above the master and input segments.

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