Hagure Yuusha no Estetica

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica, which means the aesthetica of a rogue hero is a story that revolves around two characters. It is a story that is based around a training organization called Babel which takes in and offers protection to young persons from different world dimensions. Set in a futuristic but magic filled kind of setting, the story revolves around the main character Akatsuki, a strong-willed hero but rather unruly hero, who is just from another dimension, a world called Alayzard. From this magic and sword driven world, Atsuki comes back home with a beautiful, young maiden called Myuu, Alayzards’ demon king’s daughter.

Akatsuki is a young, sturdy and tall fellow that is entrusted with the responsibility of looking over Myuu by her dying father. This is after a battle between the two, which akatsuki wins. This makes Akatsuki to get the title of the maverick hero back in the alternate world. However, Akatsuki has a peculiar and rather perverted nature in him. He loves doing indecent acts to girls that mostly cross his path. Nonetheless, he is a kind and rather helpful guy that fights for the greater good. Fulfilling the dying kings last request, he comes back home with Myuu from the land of Alayzard. Once back home, he arranges for Myuu to attend Babel with him posing her as his long lost sister.

Myuu on the other hand is the King demons daughter. As her dying father makes the last wish, she has no option but to go with akatsuki. Even though her initial plan was to force revenge on him, she later realizes that her decision was for the greater good. This is since so many people wish to take her for their own evil purposes. Myuu is at first appalled by Akatsuki, especially with his indecent antics, she gradually falls in love with him over time. However, she and most of the other girls seem to like his acts even though they respond harshly. She is a beautiful young woman with one exceptional feature, her large bosoms that seem to break any clothing that she puts on; this makes so many stare at her. She also exhibits some magic powers that she uses when needed.

Akatsuki has no magic powers; however, he has the ability to control his chi, which makes him very powerful. This, plus an arms device, referred to as an arms device, given to them in training in school, creates a weapon that is most suitable to the wearer. His weapon is a powerful sword called Laevateinn. He also manages to manipulate his powers through the AD to acquire and control a supersonic cycle the sleipnir. On the other hand,Myuu’s AD is a staff that she uses to protect herself with. However, it is considered she can do much more with it.

At Babel, the two pretend to be siblings. They go through a lot as they get acquaintance with other students and with the student council from class A. Akatsuki, the trouble maker is always in one ploy or the other to make the student council look smaller; he gets into a fight on the first day of school and humiliates the rather hot tempered but pretty Haruka, vice president of the council. While the story develops, akatsuki keeps his word to the Demon king’s last wish. He protects Myuu at all means getting through different fights and near death situations, which he uses to his advantage, defending her. In the long run, Myuu who was mad at him eventually softens and falls in love with him.

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