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The unique characteristic of Whatsapp group among other chatting groups

Whatsapp groupIf you are a smartphone user then you certainly know the Whatsapp phenomenon because this application is one of chat applications that have so many fans. Today tens of millions of people are members of Whatsapp and more than 30 billion messages sent via Whatsapp every day; of course this number is very fantastic. Whatsapp is a chat application based on phone number that does not require a special pin. Only a phone number and you just deal with it. Whatsapp is the replacement application of sms where the fees charged to the internet rates. In this article, I will discuss about the unique features contained in Whatsapp group. So what is the Whatsapp group? Whatsapp group is a group created to accommodate more than two people. Whatsapp group is usually formed based on specific interests, such as Whatsapp group for motorcycle club X, Taichi group Y and school group Z, etc.
One characteristic that distinguishes between Whatsapp group and BBM group is the absence of consent in the invite. You might be invited at any time by a friend to enter a group and you will not receive a permit application as you received when you got an invitation of BBM group. For some people, of course it is very annoying because sometimes they do not like to talk in a group and even if you install Whatsapp status stating that you are busy then it becomes useless when you are invited to enter the group. You just can get out without being able to refuse.
Although it is quite annoying, however Whatsapp group is growing very rapidly even surpass the groups created by other chat applications such as BBM group, Beetalk group, and so forth. It is not independent of its data transfer speed that is on highest level when compared with data transfer speed of other chat applications. We can easily send pictures and video to the group even we are not supported by strong Internet signal. Whatsapp group excellence does not stop here because this group has a capacity up to 100 people. This huge capacity is the main attraction why the popularity of this group exceed what owned by other chat applications. What is you should do if you want to get out of the group? Easy to do as you did in other chat applications, but there always be a notification showing who left the group.