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Durovis Dive VR Headset

download (5)The Durovis Dive Headset

Targeted at next generation gaming for mobile phones, the Durovis Dive comes to gamers from the Muenster-based start-up, Shoogee. Released in the market in 2013 May, the Dive is suddenly switching mobile phones into much more than elegant portable gaming gadgets and is providing new significance to the term virtual reality.

What is the Durovis Dive?

In its most primary form, the Dive is a hands-free smart phone holder that then straps to your face like a pair of goggles. It is made of nylon which is flexible, designed to be light and portable and is comfortable. Because it merely needs a smart phone, it is cost-effective, costing only $57 for customers in US.

How Does the Durovis Dive Work?

To use, simply place the smart phone, choose the application you want to use and then adjust the lens for the best focus. These lenses helps short-sighted people with over 9 diopters to enjoy the experience. It is designed to give users with an opening at the bottom to maintain visual orientation grounded and avoid feeling sick entirely. The tracking technological innovation reveals low-latency picture quality to add to its immersive experience. One of the best features is its compatibility with most mobile phones so long as they have a gyroscope, accelerometer and show no bigger than 5 inches. The website even comes with a useful table that informs you instantly if your phone would function with the product. At present, there is an amazing selection of games available that can be experienced with or without the use of a controller. From a list of scary games to roller-coaster simulators and racing games, most genres are covered in their most primary sense with the most primary graphics.

Smartphone Remote Shutter To Capture Images From A Distance

images (11)If you want to use your smartphone to take excellent images or group photos you might have observed that you have to take the click from an arm’s length or someone from your group have to skip the photo to take the click. But with the smartphone remote shutter now you no longer need to worry about missing a picture with your family or kids as you can set up the phone at a distance and take the click with the shutter which is a great way of capturing images just the way you like them. So the shutter performs in compatible with any smartphone be it an Android, Samsung S4, S3 or galaxy notes, iPhone, iPad, iTouch etc for you to quickly catch the images at the perfect time.

Installation of this smartphone remote shutter to your mobile is also easy to understand as you need not obtain any app but just have to pair it up with your mobile phone and it immediately works enabling you to take pictures with your cellphone from a range without having the mobile in your side. For initially pairing, the shutter company gives you clear guidelines on how to switch on the shutter with your smartphone to use the product. As most of the newest mobile phones are suitable with this system there is no trouble for you to use this shutter which are available in the market that you can choose from an efficient company. The android distant shutter is available in different shades like black, red and white with a price ranging around $40 that are light-weight and can be easily carried around everywhere to use them when required. The light shades are resilient, durable and come in a convenient design that you can also use as a key chain which also makes an excellent gift to your near and beloved.

Canon Powershot D20 Waterproof Digital Camera

download (10)The Canon Power shot D20 water resistant camera is one of the best cameras that support a freeze proof, water resistant and shock proof use. It allows photographers to catch the underwater life in an excellent manner with a water resistant depth rating of 33′ for around an hour. The high-sensitivity 12.1MP CMOS sensor of the product is able to deliver an excellent picture quality even in situations when the lighting conditions are poor. The system further facilitates 5x optical zoom and intelligent IS feature. No matter whether you’re a professional photographer or just enjoy simply clicking pictures, the D20 provides you the ability to cover almost all sorts of events. Important functions found in the product include:

DIGIC 4 Image Processor

The existence of DIGIC 4 image processor guarantees a fast and reliable performance with low battery consumption. HD video, high-speed continuous shooting, Face-Detection, Self-Timer, etc. are other amazing functions incorporated in the product. Intelligent IS of the product provides sharp and clear pictures.

12.1 mega-pixel image sensor

The existence of 12.1 mega-pixel image indicator in the small camera allows customers to catch poster-sized images at a quality of 4608 x 3456 p. This further provides photographers the independence of increasing the size of or cropping any area of the picture for the purpose of printing or online sharing.

Outer design

The water resistant, freeze proof and shock proof design of the product is of great help to the customers. Canon has designed the product paying attention to the strength factor. It is a perfect partner for outdoor activities such as scuba dive, underwater image catching, ski, etc. The system is Waterproof to 33 feet, shockproof up to 5 feet and temperature resistant from 14-104 degree F. It is portable and can easily be carried from one place to another. Besides being user-friendly, the product is fashionable and elegant also. The best of all, individuals can get it in a variety of designs and colors based on their requirements.

Latest Apple Tablets

download (36)When it comes to purchasing a high-quality and user-friendly tablet, the first name that comes in our mind is the apple tablets. The apple company is one of the well-known producers of great quality electronic devices such as laptop computers, cell phones, tablets and notebooks. The newest apple tabs have become substantially well-known across every section of the globe due to their spectacular functions and impressive performance. Their high-end performance and stylish looks contributes to their price. Not every common man can afford to buy these devices. But, with the coming of online shops, the process has becomes a lot easier and convenient. Moreover, the medium provides buyers the benefit of several exciting deals and offers as well. Let us throw light on some impressive functions discovered in the newest apple tabs. These include:

Excellent webcams
Built-in webcams discovered in the newest devices enable the customers to click outstanding photos of their near and dear ones. Thus, they can catch all their special remembrances in an awesome manner. Further equipped with impressive functions and impressive performance, the webcams enables customers to catch every single detail in an awesome way. Almost all the newest devices support inbuilt webcams these days. The camera quality is awesome.

Easy and fast internet connection
What can be more frustrating than a slow internet speed while performing an important task? This is another awesome feature reinforced by these devices. When it comes to online connection, the newest apple tabs deliver an awesome performance. The devices come with built-in web browser that offer an awesome speed to the customers. In addition to delivering and receiving e-mails, they can even chat with their loved ones on social media sites. As far as the internet speed is concerned, it would never dissatisfy you.

Samsung OLED Curved TV

download (19)New Samsung OLED Curved TV

OLED is a flat light emitting technological innovation which helps to make lighting and displays. They do not need back lighting so gadgets using this technological innovation can be slimmer and are more effective. This technological innovation is also versatile which makes possible the new “Bendable TV” from Samsung. The latest CES 2014 saw Samsung function another crazy style that would probably change how we enjoy movie in our houses. The new style is an 85-inch design that the company simply calls the “Bendable TV”. The prototype modified from an LCD to a curved display with the simple touch of a key. The product has a technical procedure that drives out the screen’s edges to get the conversion from flat to curved form. The full modification approximately takes only 10 seconds.

The Future Of Televisions?

Curved TV’s look awesome and are without doubt eye-catching. However, these gadgets have been always thought of as a simple trick by most. Among this undesirable image, Samsung will be concentrating carefully on curved sets this year. Samsung’s leading top-of-the-line design is an amazing 105-inch curved LCD TV with a whooping aspect ration of 21:9 and an ultra-detailed 5120 x 2160 quality. The curve is extremely apparent on an 105-inch tv and it’s really exciting to look at. Cinema screens are often curved. Large size displays with very wide image types like the cinema scope format used in most theaters benefit from a curved display that provides a broader area of view than on a flat display. Audiences can actually see more of the clip function without moving their heads. The curved TV idea is designed to provide a cinema-like experience. As the product is still just a design we’re still not sure as to when this product would be a customer product.