Upcoming features of Skype

skySkype is a best application for people to see the person live who is on the other side of the device. A webcam is very important to use this application. The device used for making a call may be either a smart phone or computer that has camera and attached with the speaker and microphone. Some of the features provided by this application are messaging, calling, video, sharing and other features. In the calling feature of this application, the user can make calls to the landlines and mobiles for less call rate. They can also make group calls with a limitation of only up to 25 members. Even in video feature, users can make both one to one and group video calls. A website that let the people to download this application is http://skype.joydownload.com/.

Some of the upcoming features of this application are as follows. Now the group video calling is available for free of cost. Previously at least one of the people who are in the group video call should possess a premium account in the Skype. The fee charged for making group call for premium users is 4.99 dollar. Now, members can make the group calls for complete free. The update of this application for the windows phone 8.1 will switch the video calling to Skype video calls. There will be an extra button on the screen that enables the user to switch the voice calling to video call on Skype. There are several other features that have been made in this application for the comfort of the users. Some of the features that people can find in this application are screen sharing, sending files and sending contacts. One who want to download this application and want to connect with friends and family members who are far away can download this application from the website.

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