Google Play Store New Version ready for your update

Play StoreAre you an IT freak person and always in search of a best collection of apps and games for you? If yes, then we are confident that you will be well aware of the fact that Google Play Store is the only preferred destination where you can get the best choice of app or game. This is just not the end as with Play store you can also take the advantages of using its other content for entertainment, like Play Music, TV & Play Movies and Play Newsstand. You can use it like a tool for automatic management of updates for other apps which the users have on their device. Just like every other app, Google Play Store too have their updates and so you being a user  need to keep the version you are using updated. This will, in turn, help you in fixing the bug and get the performance of excellent standard.

The next version of Google Play Store which is about to roll out in the market is Play Store 6.7.13.E-all [0] 2920566. If you are an android user then you will get to notice after visiting the app manager section that   you are using the older version. When you make an attempt to update it in some cases you may get to read a comment that the app is completely updated. There is nothing to worry and you can update play store just with the downloading of Play Store 6.7.13.E-all [0] 2920566 APK file and then installing the same.

The new version is now available with an “intelligent uninstall manager” which will help  you in freeing up the space of the device you are using  and will point out the apps in your system which are not actually used by you and occupying extra space.  Good news is that Google recently announced that within month’s time every user will get access to shared Family Library.  Google was heavily pressurized to develop it for last few years.

The downloading and installing of the new version of Google Play store is very easy and you need to follow the steps as asked to get the updated version in your device

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