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Google Play Store New Version ready for your update

Play StoreAre you an IT freak person and always in search of a best collection of apps and games for you? If yes, then we are confident that you will be well aware of the fact that Google Play Store is the only preferred destination where you can get the best choice of app or game. This is just not the end as with Play store you can also take the advantages of using its other content for entertainment, like Play Music, TV & Play Movies and Play Newsstand. You can use it like a tool for automatic management of updates for other apps which the users have on their device. Just like every other app, Google Play Store too have their updates and so you being a user  need to keep the version you are using updated. This will, in turn, help you in fixing the bug and get the performance of excellent standard.

The next version of Google Play Store which is about to roll out in the market is Play Store 6.7.13.E-all [0] 2920566. If you are an android user then you will get to notice after visiting the app manager section that   you are using the older version. When you make an attempt to update it in some cases you may get to read a comment that the app is completely updated. There is nothing to worry and you can update play store just with the downloading of Play Store 6.7.13.E-all [0] 2920566 APK file and then installing the same.

The new version is now available with an “intelligent uninstall manager” which will help  you in freeing up the space of the device you are using  and will point out the apps in your system which are not actually used by you and occupying extra space.  Good news is that Google recently announced that within month’s time every user will get access to shared Family Library.  Google was heavily pressurized to develop it for last few years.

The downloading and installing of the new version of Google Play store is very easy and you need to follow the steps as asked to get the updated version in your device

Important Information About Mobile Spy

images (36)If you find yourself in a place of questioning or doubting your teen or the commitment given by your workers then you may want to consider reading about mobile spying review. This system will satisfy the requirements of making it possible to monitor the day to day actions which are structured and ran through their smart phones. This indicates that once you set up the spy product onto the gadget you will have access to everything that your worker or kid does on their phone. The data logging system from your android spy app will upgrade consistently so that you are able to see all of the newest on goings from any computer or smart phone that has an internet connection.

The most useful details that you are provided with are the e-mail, text and call records. You will be able to study both outgoing and incoming e-mail and see who the receiver or the e-mailer is. All times are also documented for you to see when the information or phone calls took place, and for how long. This is considered as the best spying application of its kind; which is due to how it works on the product. There is no sign of the application on the smart phone at all. All details can be sent and seen online without the knowledge of the person who is using the phone. There are no icons set up on the application walls, and nothing changes when using the cellphone. It continues to be as quick as it was and therefore does not stimulate doubt in the user. A good system if you are expecting to stay stealthy while monitoring the target on. Another beneficial feature which allows this system take a place out among the other companies is the point that you are able to set up it onto three devices each license bought. This is an sure plus for concerned mother and father with active kids or for business companies who wish to monitor the actions of their workers. You may even wish to have it placed on to your cellphone, to prevent yourself from loosing any information unintentionally.

Upcoming features of Skype

skySkype is a best application for people to see the person live who is on the other side of the device. A webcam is very important to use this application. The device used for making a call may be either a smart phone or computer that has camera and attached with the speaker and microphone. Some of the features provided by this application are messaging, calling, video, sharing and other features. In the calling feature of this application, the user can make calls to the landlines and mobiles for less call rate. They can also make group calls with a limitation of only up to 25 members. Even in video feature, users can make both one to one and group video calls. A website that let the people to download this application is

Some of the upcoming features of this application are as follows. Now the group video calling is available for free of cost. Previously at least one of the people who are in the group video call should possess a premium account in the Skype. The fee charged for making group call for premium users is 4.99 dollar. Now, members can make the group calls for complete free. The update of this application for the windows phone 8.1 will switch the video calling to Skype video calls. There will be an extra button on the screen that enables the user to switch the voice calling to video call on Skype. There are several other features that have been made in this application for the comfort of the users. Some of the features that people can find in this application are screen sharing, sending files and sending contacts. One who want to download this application and want to connect with friends and family members who are far away can download this application from the website.

Fine characteristics available in the youtube to mp3 converter

youtubeThere are simple easy steps available to convert youtube videos into mp3 and mp4 formats without any struggles. One can be able to get the videos with original quality when they convert it using this excellent converter. People should understand the features of the youtube to mp3 converter and they have to download and install after it. This converter can be installed in different operating systems such windows XP, windows vista, windows 7 and some other things. It will never occupy large space in the memory and they can run this application in a faster and quicker manner. With this youtube to mp3 converter, persons can organize their video downloads in a desired way without complications. After the installation of the application, they should launch the application in the following location start > all programs > sevas-S > youtube to mp3 converter. The interface available in the converter will support the users and they can handle or manage it in an easy way.

High quality videos can also be downloaded from youtube and it can be converted any formats desired by the user. Different options are available for high quality downloads and low quality downloads and individuals have to preset it to achieve the advance facilities present in it. With the convert button available in the youtube to mp3 converter, they can convert the videos into any desired format. One should select the file format to be converted at the times of downloads otherwise they cannot convert into perfect format. Different downloading features available in it can be achieved by gathering converting steps available in the following link People can listen to the mp3 in an expected way by selecting format and file destination perfectly. Even the HD videos can be converted into mp3 formats without any issues and complications.

Excellent features available in the rich media player

lyricsPeople can watch any kinds of media files in a good way when they download the best media player on the web. One should understand the version and features of the media player and they have to installing after determining it. User interface available in the new rich media player will support any kind of media files in an efficient manner. Hundreds of built-in codec are available in this media player and it will play the videos and audios of different format. This media interface is designed with a super easy user interface to help the customers in a best way. There are many broad features embedded in the media players and it works well on the computer with high clarity picture and perfect sound. Sharing the media is also very easy when they install this perfect media player in their computer. This media file will occupy only less memory space but supports any kinds of media format such as MPEG, MP3, FLAC and some others.

As clean and simple interface is used in the rich media player, it will give possible features to the users. One can download this rich media player directly if they refer the following link Favourite multimedia files can be played easily irrespective of their formats with the possible features available in it. Rich media player will support wide variety of file formats without any struggles and issues. This is a truly remarkable media player which does not disappoint the users downloading it. Other positive factor with this player is that it acts as a powerful file converter and they can covert the files with ease. Though it has many powerful options and characteristics, persons can use it in an easy and simple manner. Different solutions and functionalities can be achieved by persons when they download this player after knowing its characteristics.